“I’ve always dreamed of this moment”

What the critics say my

Alex Conrado, a talented composer,

whose music reflects mastery,

with a work full of incredible rhythms and intense melodies,

that design a magical message of emotions,

in an eternal and constant search,

expressing himself through what has always been his great passion.


My Story

When I was 7 years old, I started studying guitar.

At 14, together with my brother, we formed a por-rock group performing in many venues and at that moment I began to write my first songs. At the age of 16, already determined to be a composer and dedicate myself to it professionally, I entered the Conservatory of Music to study piano, composition and conducting. Already at the Conservatory I made my first compositions at an orchestral and chamber level, these works being premiered internationally.

At the end of my studies and without abandoning composition, I focused on the creation and direction of the Maestro Alonso School of Music.

Later on, I start a new stage that lasts until today in which I compose soundtracks for film and television.





Real Conservatorio de Madrid, where I studied piano, orchestration and composition, and graduated in 1996 with the Flora Prieto Prize in harmony and composition.

Between 1991 and 1999, I researched and studied with famous avant-garde composers such as György Ligeti, Helmut Lachenmann, Klaus Metzger, Mathias Espahlinger, Mauricio Kagel, Franco Donatoni, and Brian Ferneyhough.

Interested in discovering new musical languages, I entered the field of electroacoustic music. In 1993 I co-founded the Electroacoustic Music Laboratory at the Padre Soler Conservatory, where I worked as a composer until 1996. That same year, the CDMC (Center for the Diffusion of Contemporary Music) awarded me a scholarship that allowed him to research and work in the laboratories of the center.


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